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Louisiana Coaches

Name: Darrington Anderson
Coach name: Coach D
School Site:
Email: Darington.Anderson@playworks.org
Home town: Lutcher, Louisiana
Favorite cuisine: Turkey Burger
Favorite recess game: Hide and Go Seek
Favorite place in Louisiana: The French Quarter



Name: Kristen Lagarde
Coach name: Coach Kris-Ten
School Site: KIPP Believe Primary
Email: Kristen.Lagarde@playworks.org
Home town: Slidell, LA
Favorite cuisine: French Fries
Favorite recess game: Kickball
Favorite place in Louisiana: City Park



Name: Terrance Milton
Coach name: Coach Tee
School Site: Benjamin Franklin Elementary
Email: Terrance.Milton@playworks.org
Home town: New Orleans, LA 
Favorite cuisine: Lasagna
Favorite recess game: Basketball
Favorite place in Louisiana: Canal Street



Name:  Mitchell Wheeler
Coach name: Coach Mitch
School Site: Kenner Discovery Health and Sciences Academy
Email: mitchell.wheeler@playworks.org
Home town: Elm City, NC
Favorite cuisine: Fried Chicken
Favorite recess game: Crazy Kickball
Favorite place in Louisiana: Uptown New Orleans



Name: Nathaniel Backus
Coach name: Coach Nate
School Site: Edward Hynes Charter School
Email: nathaniel.backus@playworks.org
Home town: Old Saybrook, CT
Favorite cuisine: Cheeseburgers
Favorite recess game: Spike Ball
Favorite place in Louisiana: St.Charles Ave



Name: Brandi Malarchar
Coach name: Coach B
School Site: ReNew Dolores T. Aaron Academy
Email: brandi.malarchar@playworks.org  
Home town: New Orleans
Favorite cuisine: Gumbo
Favorite recess game: Knockout
Favorite place in Louisiana: New Orleans