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Mr. T

Howe Elementary

As a child, and now as a teacher, recess is Trey Thompson’s favorite part of the day.  He prefers Mr. T, because he’s just playful like that. For Trey, the playground can act as a canvas for the imagination to create fantasy lands and characters. Grass stains are a rite of passage in his eyes.

Mr. T believes that Playworks has had significant impact on his school, especially Class Game Time where he gets to take off his teacher hat and interact with his students on a different level. He builds bonds and has meaningful interactions beyond the classroom, which he finds invaluable. Mr. T is often found playing soccer or band-aid tag on the field, running around with his students. He also finds time to seize the opportunity to talk about the joys of life while he’s kickin’ it on the playground. When he’s not making the most of every opportunity to support learning and recreation for his students, he can be found making connections with mother earth through gardening and helping another one of life’s forms thrive!