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Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School

In elementary school it’s natural for a kid to play. Next to gym, recess was the best part of the day.  Play was a child’s work at that time in their life.  Within the Playworks Chicago community there are some community members who embody the power of play! Meet Recess Rock Star Lloy:  Lloy’s participation as a parent is exemplary and her enthusiasm and willingness to go out of her way to support the health and wellbeing of children is admirable.  If granted three wishes, Recess Rock Star Lloy would ensure that every school playground across the nation had lush green grass, water-permeable blacktop surfaces and a Playworks Coach. Not only does Lloy have a passion for physical activity and play, but she believes that play can truly transform the world. She often brings her family out to her son’s Class Game Time to dish out some high-fives - they have a blast!

 She’s already planning her schedule around Playworks by volunteering during 7th and 8th grade soccer - simply because it feels good!  Join us in a big whoosh clap for Recess Rock Star, Lloy!  Whooooossssshhh!