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Playworks Corporate Recess

The Management Leadership for Tomorrow team feeling good after their Corporate Recess

What is Corporate Recess?

Corporate Recess is a way for companies to improve engagement and wellness within their organization by using the power of play. Through a selection of different targeted workshops we infuse playfulness and fun into the corporate environment in order to help our partners increase creativity, productivity, teamwork, and workplace health.

Why is it important?

This NPR story highlights how playfulness, fun, and games at work can improve office climate and productivity. This leads to happier employees with stronger connections to their organizations.  

How do we do it?

We bring trained facilitators to your company’s offices (or another agreed upon location) to lead a session of Corporate Recess. Our games and activities are tailored toward the goals of our corporate partners and customized workshops are available for time restrictions and current priorities. After recess ends, we offer materials and consultation follow up on how to build upon the lessons learned and benefits gained from a Corporate Recess. 

What do participants think?

"Playworks led a 90-minute session at our national staff retreat -- we were impressed by how effective their recess games were at reinforcing teamwork and leadership principles. The facilitation was excellent, allowing our team of 60 to bond even more quickly and meaningfully in a playful environment."

--John Rice, Founder & CEO, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (DC)

"We wanted to bring to life our firm’s efforts to ensure we have an inclusive, empowering environment for our associates. In just one hour, Playworks helped our leaders understand how games can help build cooperation and respect, and how play can help us pro-actively create positive energy for our teams. Highly recommend this organization and the fun they can infuse in a corporate environment!”

-Jennifer Meder, Director of Account Management, Towers Watson (VA)

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