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Laura Hayman

Playworks DC's Powerful Connector
Booz Allen Hamilton

Manager, Community Partnerships

Some matches are made in heaven. Others happen because of talented matchmakers like Laura Hayman, Manager of Community Partnerships at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

After being introduced to Playworks D.C. and learning of our interest in having someone from Booz Allen join the Playworks D.C. board, she immediately thought of Vice President Mike Isman. Laura knew Mike is a devoted soccer dad who cares about helping kids in need, and immediately thought it could be a great fit. It didn’t take long to make the match: Mike is now an active board member who, with Laura’s support, has inspired more Booz Allen employees to get involved.

Asked about the secret to successful community partnerships, Laura says, “At Booz Allen, we focus on understanding our colleagues’ passions and community needs, and then connecting our people to opportunities they get excited about, where they can make a meaningful difference.”

For example, she introduced Chelsea Seabron, a former collegiate basketball player with an interest in education and youth, to Mike and Playworks D.C. Chelsea now leads an internal committee of Playworks champions, who have been volunteering at girls basketball and co-ed volleyball leagues, and planned a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, a major new fund and friend-raising event for Playworks D.C.  Because of their volunteer support, Booz Allen sponsored the tournament. The company also fielded a first-time team for Playworks’ annual Corporate Kickball Tournament.

What’s behind Laura’s personal commitment to healthy play at school and on the job?  “Growing up, I was usually on teams with the kids who weren’t the best athletes. Even if we didn’t win very often, we had a lot of fun, and I learned so much about myself and teamwork. That carries over to the workplace – especially at a consulting firm, where everything is team-based. And after sitting at a desk most days, I value the positive effect physical activity has on my own performance and attitude. Imagine what it means for kids and teachers!”