Oscar | Playworks

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Junior Coach
Balsz School

Oscar was nominated by his 5th grade teachers to be a Junior Coach because even though he had many superpowers, he wasn't always using them for good. We knew that the Junior Coach Leadership Program would help him use those qualities in a positive way.

Oscar was instantly a star among the kids and the Playworks staff.  The younger kids loved his goofy attention getters. Adults loved the way he would introduce himself to visitors and teach them our official high five.

For the Arizona Playworks Junior Coach Conference, each school was asked to invent their own game. Of course, Oscar stepped up and used his creativity help us create a game called “Dance Party.”  In the game, he was the hottest DJ in town. The JC's were dancers, and he had to teach them how to dance. At the conference, Oscar fearlessly had everyone doing the Harlem Shake, the Gangam Style dance, and even had the whole group in a Congo Line! Not suprisingly, the game was voted Best Game.

Oscar thrived as a Junior Coach, benefitting from being put in a position of leadership and feeling part of a team. He was sooooo sad when he found out he could only be a Junior Coach for one year. On the last day of school, he was begging to be a JC next year, as well.