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Dr. DeMar

Loma Linda Elementary

Dr. Stephanie DeMar is the Principal of Loma Linda Elementary School of the Creighton School District in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. DeMar has been an enormous champion and advocate for Playworks. From the very beginning of Loma Linda’s partnership with Playworks, she has been welcoming and a grateful host to more than 30 site visits.

 Dr. DeMar generates a vibrant positivity and infectious attitude full of excitement and passion. These qualities are evident in the culture she has created among her staff. This positive environment has allowed for Playworks to enhance the overall culture of the school and have the greatest impact on the kids possible. No matter the request, Dr. DeMar has been more than accommodating to Playworks. From giving Playworks our own classroom for site visit debriefs with potential funders, to providing our Junior Coaches their own classroom for leadership development to her willingness to sit down with anyone and talk about the impact Playworks has had on her school, Dr. DeMar is a tireless supporter of Playworks and all that we do.