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Thu, 02/11/2010
"This is not about inches or pounds, and it's not about how our children look.  This is about how our children feel."  ~ First Lady Michelle Obama announcing Let's Move, the new initiative... »
Wed, 02/03/2010
In the past 14 years at Playworks, I’ve talked with lots of principals. Hundreds of them, easily.They’ve told me how a good recess positively affects the school climate and makes it easier... »
Fri, 01/29/2010
Last week there was a blog in the New York Times: Play, Then Eat: Shifts May Bring Gains at School.   It was a great piece that outlined the simple, but still less common practice of... »
Fri, 01/22/2010
Recently I was asked to speak at the TEDx Conference in San Francisco on the role of play and creativity. The theme of my talk was based on a quote by George Bernard Shaw: "The reasonable... »