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Jill Vialet
June 14, 2010
These next couple of weeks will mark the end of the 2009-10 school year. And while most of us will remember summer as a time of long days filled with outdoor play, a 2007 study found that... »
Jill Vialet
June 3, 2010
A friend of mine made the observation the other day that almost all the criticisms of our approach begin with some version of “When I was young…” I think she’s right.  People fondly... »
Jill Vialet
May 27, 2010
Wow, Dr. Phil has noticed us! His blog today, “Playtime is Over?” asks some good questions and while he expresses some skepticism and doubt about the role of recess coaches, he ultimately... »
Charles Cooper
April 20, 2010
Each year, Playworks introduces its program to potential expansion cities through a weeklong “Recess Roll-Out.” Selected schools in the city each get a Playworks coach for the week to... »
Hector Salazar
April 13, 2010
We are often asked why we focus our full-time coaches on low-income schools. There are many reasons, but some days these reasons are more profound than others.  Not too long ago, I led our... »