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Ashoka (founders of social entrepreneurship) plays at work
September 29, 2010
Last April, Playworks DC led the Global Ashoka office through their very first recess, an hour of fun and games. This recess has evolved into a monthly hour of play and much more.  Cat... »
Four are awarded registration to October Conference
September 23, 2010
Our fellow advocates for play HopeLab generously offered scholarships to our 2010 conference Play On in New York City October 12-13. Applicants for the scholarships were asked to fill out... »
HopeLab Helps Advocates Play On!
September 9, 2010
HopeLab is providing three scholarships to youth workers, parents, teachers and other play advocate to attend Play On 2010 at Columbia University in New York, October 12-13. HopeLab is a... »
Summer games of yesteryear
September 3, 2010
The final three day weekend of the summer is here. It's time to get outdoors, relax, enjoy friends and neighbors and sneak in some final summer games. Teach Kick the Can to the children... »
Supporting playful teachers
August 25, 2010
After a summer of playing at camps or home, it’s time for children to prepare for school. How can we ensure children continue to have playful days? Try these tips to help make every school... »