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What To Do With Your Kids This Summer

A little planning can go a long way to enjoy the summer break.
June 25, 2012

Now that we’re a few weeks into summer and the kids are out of school, some of us may be running out of steam. The summer provides a much needed break from school, but the lack of structure can make days challenging. By scheduling a few things throughout each week, you can give kids needed structure and still enjoy the freedom of summer.

Encourage kids’ imaginations with an endless supply of cardboard and other recycled play items. You’ll never know what your child may create, like the amazing Caine’s Arcade.

Check out day camps in the area. Camps provide fun and learning through play. In fact, some say schools have something to learn from summer camps. You can re-energize children’s love of learning at camps such as Galileo or Tinkering School.

One inexpensive way to get the kids active outside is trips to your local parks. You can join the summer playground challenge by KaBOOM! See how many different playgrounds you and your family can visit throughout the summer.

Head to the local pool on a hot summer day! Some pools allow neighbors to pay for a day pass,  or get even more for your money by buying a summer pass for the family. Don’t forget sunscreen, towels, water and a snack. You can make a trip to the pool a full morning or afternoon adventure!

Of course, summer is also a great time for vacation. Whether is a road trip or a flight across the country to visit family, enjoy a few days off and a change of scenery. Again don’t forget to plan some structure into your trip. Regular naps, snacks and bedtimes can go a long way for the family sanity!

What will you do with your kids this summer?

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