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Staying Energized at Work

Guest blogger Mallory Josol shares how she stays active and healthy even while spending a day at her desk job.
July 30, 2012

I am a program associate for Playworks. We consider ourselves Jacks (or Jills) of all trades in our various offices around the country. We must be flexible. One minute, I could be giving a volunteer orientation to a dozen college students; the next, I might be acting as league coordinator for our interscholastic volleyball leagues. These moments are perks of working as an office staff member for a nonprofit entity that believes wholeheartedly in the positive impact of play (at any age!)

While I love working for Playworks and feel that it is the most high energy work environment I’ve been a part of, I must admit that my job is primarily of the desk persuasion. In order to keep my energy up and my sedentary-ocity (That’s a word, right?) down, I’ve taken a few steps to get the most activity out of my work day.

  1. Ditch the chair and stand. You don’t need fancy furniture to do this. Stack up cardboard boxes to prop up your computer. Standing burns more calories than sitting and provides a wider range of motion. Squats while updating our Customer Relationship Management system? Don’t mind if I do!
  2. TAKE YOUR RECESS! Playworks encourages everyone to take recess every afternoon to play a quick game, stretch, or even take a walk around the block. If your workplace doesn’t have recess, bring the benefits to powers that be and make it happen. (Ashoka did!)
  3. Wiggle. You’re already standing , right? There is no reason to read a brief, a memo, or a research paper standing still. But there are TONS of reasons to wiggle, fidget, or dance around. The research shows every little moment counts.
Since I’ve made it my mission to stay energized at work, I’ve discovered:
  • I am WAY more focused. Sitting makes not only my body, but my mind, lazier. 
  • I am finding even more creative ways to make my workday/place more active and healthy.
  • I’ve lost a little weight!
  • I get tired a lot less often.

What do you do to be active and healthy at work?