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PLAYlight Savings!

Three tips to getting playtime in with or without sunshine.
Mon, 11/14/2011

Daylight Savings 2011 has come and gone but early nightfall doesn’t mean the play activities have to stop at your house! In fact, there are so many ways to encourage play at home, we’re renaming it PLAYlight Savings!

Here are some ideas on getting playtime in every day-with or without the benefit of sunshine!

  1. Play games in the morning. An American Academy of Pediatrics study found that play is essential to children’s health and development so why not start you kids’ days off on the right foot? Ideas for morning play include a walk to the local park for some time on the monkey bars or, if you have access to a backyard or an open space like a rec room or basement, try a game of Switch.
  2. Add simple, nighttime friendly kids games to your play routine like Flashlight Tag. All you need is a flashlight for each player and a sense of adventure!
  3. Indoor games are fun too! An easy game to adapt to a small group setting in your home is one of our favorites, Up, Down, Stop, Go which incorporates several easy aerobic movements into one fun game to get those little bodies moving! More free kids games can be found in our Games Database!
How will you get PLAYlight savings kicked off this year?
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