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Top play and recess news from the web
Thu, 05/26/2011

Check out some of the most popular news articles, blog posts, photos and videos shared on Facebook and Twitter recently:

  • Parenting told us "Why kids need recess and exercise" in a featured on CNN Health:
  • From our web resources, we shared how to keep recess thriving. Four tips for restoring recess at your school:
  • "Don't Let Recess Die! Six Ways to Save Recess at Your Child's School", a September 2010 Huffington Post blog by KaBOOM! founder Darell Hammond:
  • It's National Physical Fitness & Sports Month! And several people were excited to share how they stay active:
  • A letter to the editor in the Clinton Patch tells why recess should be a right, not a reward or punishment. "Eliminate The Practice Of Recess Detention":
  • Several of our Facebook fans liked Jennie Day-Burget's May 5th blog "More than Child's PlaySkills developed on the playground can lead to healthier kids and cut down on bullying."

Have you seen any hot posts on play, recess and/or physical activity?