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Help kids practice social skills throughout the day, not just in class.
April 20, 2017
What happens when you approach the entire day as a lab for social learning? Matt Harris, a principal at a Playworks school, noticed, “In the classroom, time is structured; it can be hard... »
Using play to develop students’ social skills and improve positive school culture
April 20, 2017
Happy schools support student learning. In order to create happy schools, we must consider how to create an environment where kids want to attend, participate, and succeed. By focusing on... »
April 14, 2017
Watch Steph Curry play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with James Corden on The Late LateShow.Looks like Steph learned a thing or two from the kids at Playworks!Playworks students use Rock... »
April 7, 2017
Group Size: Any sizeAge Group: Good for all agesEquipment: NoneDevelopment Goal: To increase social comfort and to improve non-verbal communication.Before You Start:Have the whole group... »
The MacArthur Foundation challenge drew over 1,904 applicants worldwide. See how play can change the world.
April 7, 2017
This week, the MacArthur Foundation announced the top 200 proposals for 100&Change, a global competition for a $100 million dollar grant to solve a seemingly intractable problem. We... »