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How to play Three Lines Basketball
September 8, 2014
Now that we're back to school, we're also back to recess. If you have a whole new crop of basketball players on your playgrounds and just one or two hoops, recess can be tough. Introducing... »
How to play Rock Paper Scissor Tag
September 1, 2014
It's time to head back to recess! One of the best games to teach at the beginning of the school year is Rock Paper Scissors. Once students know how to play, you can use it throughout... »
How to play Wall Ball
August 25, 2014
It's time to head back to recess! One favorite game on many playgrounds is wall ball. Played with a playground ball and a wall, this game can be for two, three or even more players! On... »
How to play Hula Hoop Four Square
August 18, 2014
Do your students love hula hooping? This fun game makes it so more kids can hula hoop at recess and have fun! The Game of the Week is Hula Hoop Four Square!Group Size:  10+Age Group:  K+... »
How to play Castle Ball
August 11, 2014
For many of us, there are a few more weeks of summer. Now's the time to gather with friends and family to play some fun new games! Today's game is a variation on dodgeball, but you won't... »