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As schools search for more time for academic learning, recess is a tempting place to look. But shortening recess is counterproductive.
February 9, 2016
In "Why The Simple Solution To Academic Success Might Be More Recess," Catherine Pearson profiles a school learning that increased recess time—four 15-minute recess breaks each day—means... »
How to Play Up, Down, Stop, Go
February 8, 2016
Do your students get antsy when they've been sitting at their desks too long? Take a brain break and challenge your students to a few rounds of the game of the week: Up, Down, Stop, Go. This is a great game to refocus your students minds and refresh their bodies. Simple commands translate into simple movements. Challenge your students minds further by having them do the opposite of your commands and see who can hang on the longest. »
Jaziela Castro, who was a Junior Coach for three years at Urban Promise Academy, recalls how much fun Playworks – then Sports4Kids – was.
February 3, 2016
When Alicia, a Sports4Kids coach, came to Urban Promise Academy back in 2006, Jaziela was a quiet, reserved, and insecure sixth grader. She decided to become a junior coach because other... »
From a shy third-grader that first met Coach Max to now a college student, Matthew has seen the Manzanita playground at many stages of his life.
February 3, 2016
When Playworks -- then Sports4Kids -- coach Max Landsgaard arrived at Manzanita school, Matthew Bailey was a shy third-grader.  At home, he’d try to stay out of everyone’s way, and at ... »
January 19, 2016
One of the most overlooked tools in education is the power of play. Recess and extended playtime provide kids with the opportunity to solve problems, make decisions, take turns, express... »