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Fifth grader Saniya became a junior coach and used her new leadership skills for good
April 8, 2014
Fifth grader Saniya knows how to take charge. She is confident, successful and loved by her peers. Saniya could easily be labeled bossy, but instead the adults and students at James J.... »
How to play Monkey Soccer, in which players must use their hands instead of their feet.
April 7, 2014
The Game of the Month is Soccer! This month we're sharing fun soccer skills building games. This week's game is silly; it eliminates the challenge of kicking and focuses on teamwork. The... »
A group of imaginative kindergarteners taught Coach Wayne the power of imaginative play and created the Imagination Station on their playground
April 3, 2014
In my opinion, the word “game” implies boundaries and objectives. For example, in the game of tag you either try to tag others or avoid being tagged by others. People normally equate their... »
Guest blogger Jaclyn O’Brien is getting a Masters in Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential while serving her second year as an AmeriCorps member with Playworks
April 1, 2014
A year and a half ago I happily joined Playworks as an AmeriCorps member, serving full time in a San Jose school. This is my dream job, I thought. I got to be outside and active every day... »
How to play Booty Ball, a seated volleyball game.
March 31, 2014
The Game of the Month is Volleyball! This month in honor of our dozens of developmental volleyball leagues across the country, we're sharing fun volleyball skills building games. This week... »