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Game of the Week: Rhythm Detective

How to play the circle game - Rhythm Detective.
Mon, 02/04/2013

This game can be played both indoors and out. When played, it induces smiles and laughter. The Game of the Week is Rhythm Detective!

Group Size: 
 Large group (10 or more)
Age Group: 
 Grades 1+
Length of Activity: 
 10 minutes or more
Developmental Goal: 
 To develop cooperation, problem-solving and creative thinking.
Before You Start: 
  • Players begin in a circle
  • Explain and give a few examples of how to create a rhythm with hands and feet, such as using clapping, snapping and stomping.
How To Play: 
  • A person is chosen to leave the room.
  • A player in the circle is chosen to start a rhythm. Using their hands or feet, players clap, snap, stomp or otherwise develop a rhythm.
  • Everyone in the circle copies the rhythm.
  • The leader of the rhythm changes it every few seconds and the rest of the group must following suit, also changing the rhythm.
  • The person who has been out of the room returns and tries to notice who is leading the rhythm.
  • They have three guesses.
  • If they guess correctly, the leader of the rhythm becomes the detective and the previous detective chooses the next rhythm leader.
  • If they can’t guess in three guesses, they choose the next detective and someone else becomes the rhythm leader.

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