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Game of the Month: Invent a Game

Fri, 07/15/2016

Group Size: Any
Age Group: Grades 3-5
Equipment: A range of sports equipment such as hula hoops, balls, cones, ropes, etc.

Development Goal(s):

To develop creativity and the capacity to make decisions as a group.

Before You Start:

Skills Practiced:  Brainstorming, planning, leadership and creative thinking.

  • Divide students into teams and place them in front of a pile of equipment. 
  • If needed, give groups examples of game ideas to get them started.
  • Make sure each group has enough room to make up and practice their game.

Set Up:  

  • Divide sports equipment into piles based on the amount of groups playing.

How to Play: 

  • Students will use all the equipment in their pile to make up their own game. 
  • They need to establish boundaries, rules, equipment use and any other specific information for their game. 
  • Students choose a name for their game and prepare to teach their game to the other groups.
  • The groups take turns teaching and playing each of their invented games. 


  • Change the group size to increase the communication challenge. 
  • Limit the types of equipment to increase the creativity challenge.

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