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Game of the Month: Grocery Store

Wed, 07/19/2017

Can your students identify items in a grocery store by color? Students become groceries looking to escape the Shopper. As they listen for grocery items announced they try to rush to the nearest color cone/hula hoop/poly spot representing that items color. Grocery Store focuses on gross and fine motor skills as students run, hop, skip and evade their way to the next color.

This game is great to develop students memorization skills and listening to directions.

Skills Practiced:  Running, agility, safe tagging, spatial awareness, and evasion
Group Size: Any
Age Group: Grades 1-2
Equipment: Different colored cones

Before You Start:
  • Demonstrate safe tagging:
    • Light touch, like butterfly wings, on the back of the shoulder.
    • Unsafe tags: hard contact might cause the person being tagged to fall.
  • Remind the players to be aware of others running around them.
  • Assign each set of cones a fruit or vegetable that corresponds to their color (e.g. purple cones = grapes, yellow cones = lemons, etc.)
  • Make sure everyone can repeat each color of the cones and corresponding fruit.

Set Up: 

  • Set up 3-6 sets of cones around in a given area. Each set of 4 cones should make a square. (The bigger the area used the more fun.)

How to Play: 

  • The leader starts as the Shopper. The Shopper will yell out, “I am going to the store to buy some… grapes!”
  • Everyone must then run over to the box of purple cones without being tagged by the shopper.
  • If they do get tagged, that player becomes a shopper and a tagger as well.


Instead of starting everyone in one box and yelling out different fruits, start them out as workers in the grocery store and the leader as the manager. If you say I need the floors swept, all the players must walk around the play area pretended to sweep the floors until the leader yells, "The shopper needs grapes!" and then they need to make it to the grape box without being tagged.