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Game of the Month: Chi Master

Wed, 08/16/2017

This game is great to develop listening, honesty, strategic thinking, planning, and listening to directions.

Group Size: Large group
Age Group: Great for all ages
Equipment: None

Before You Start:

  • Practice the call and response of "I am the Chi Master" with them responding "You are the Chi Master".
  • Introduce the 3 different movements: Chi Master Salutation (bow), The Crane, and The Sonic Boom.

Set Up:

Decide if you want the kids in one straight line or in a semi-circle so you can see them all and identify who's not following along. It's helpful to use pre-existing lines already painted for this.

How to Play:

  • Have students stand about one foot apart in either a straight line or a semi circle.
  • Adult always begins new rounds by saying "I am the Chi Master!" and students respond "You are the Chi Master!".
  • Adult then counts 1...2...3! On the “three,” students pick one of the 3 predetermined movements to show (Chi Master Salutation, The Crane, or the Sonic Boom).
  • The adult also picks any one of the 3 motions to show.
  • If the students do the same motion as the adult, they are out.
  • The object for the students is to NOT to do what the adult does.


  • Students must do a consequence (5 jumping jacks, etc) instead of being out.
  • Connect it to what the kids are learning in class (plant cycle, larva cycle, etc).