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A CEO Who Leads by the Motto "Work Hard, Play Harder"

Playworks 2012 Most Playful CEO is Stuart Snyder
Tue, 06/12/2012

Every year, we search the country for leaders who value play as much as work. As we know from experience play is a tool to bring out the best in people. A playful work environment increases productivity and job satisfaction and decreases stress. In our search for CEOs who exemplify how success is best achieved when hard work is combined with irreverence and fun, we have found one that stands above the rest. Stuart Snyder, President and COO of Cartoon Network has been named the 2012 Most Playful CEO.

When it comes to playing on the job, Stuart Snyder has set a standard that’s tough to top. In fact, “work hard, play harder” is his motto.

From the resounding gong he rings regularly to celebrate exceptional ratings, to a quick jaunt around the offices on an oversize tricycle, to the indoor miniature golf course with the Storm Trooper mask he encourages his employees to use, the Cartoon Network chief executive sets a playful tone that resonates around the company’s corporate offices and brings out the best in employees. Stu understands how a kinetic, energetic work environment helps his team generate fresh ideas and originality. His leadership style inspires collaboration, creativity and play.

“I'm a believer of leading by play,” says Stu. “We're all teammates. Playing, having fun and laughing together improves our work ethic.”

Most Playful CEO
Stuart Snyder
President and COO, Turner Broadcasting Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media (Cartoon Network)