February Coach of the Month

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We are happy to announce Coach Victoria as our February Coach of the Month!

Coach Victoria is a first-year AmeriCorps coach at David Crockett Elementary School, but you never would guess it because she's a natural on the playground. 

At recess, you will always find her going out of her way to make sure all of her students are included in play. A true superstar on campus, Coach Victoria lifts her students' spirits by addressing each of them by name and giving high-fives.

Her Junior Coach Leadership Program is flawless and has been observed many times by her peers because of its excellence. This alone speaks volumes for the type of program that Coach Victoria runs. She is always encouraging and challenging her Junior Coaches to do their very best. Coach Victoria continuously brainstorms ways that she can adapt the program to make it more inclusive for students with special needs.

Coach Victoria performs at 110% every single day and places her school and students above everything. We are proud to honor Coach Victoria in helping to #EnergizeAZ.