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Playworks Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2016

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This year we created the strategy that we’ll be following to achieve our AIM.



Our Fiscal Year 2016 Impact


Each year, Playworks conducts an annual survey with teachers, administrators and support staff to learn more about the impact of our programs at our partner schools. The following are results from our 2016 Annual Survey:*

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*2015 Playworks Annual School Staff Survey.  For more information, contact:
**Our 2016 Annual Survey results are based on 7800 responses from educators at our Coach, TeamUp and Pro Schools. For more information, contact:

School district case study: Rochester, NY

Did you know that only eight states mandate recess? Since the early 2000’s some schools have scaled back recess in order to save class time for math and reading. Other schools eliminated recess because it was the source of a disproportionate number of discipline issues and a headache for administrators.

In the years since, those educators often have not had the opportunity to experience a positive recess. Now, many schools and states are bringing back recess because its enormous benefits are being recognized and valued. This has caused an increased need for training via Playworks' Pro service. That’s why this year we’ve worked to support the Rochester City School District in New York alongside the Greater Rochester Health Foundation.

“We are working with schools that have not had recess in years, and teachers, as well as those administering recess, are nervous about it and are not sure of their skills,” said Senior Program Officer of GRHF Heidi Burke.

Playworks professional development trainers are helping administrators promote healthy play, fight childhood obesity and, according to senior program officer of GRHF Heidi Burke, they are seeing tremendous results.

“Sixty-five percent of students are now getting moderate to vigorous physical activity during daily recess, and I think much of that has to do with the fact that we implemented strategies provided by organizations such as Playworks,” said Burke.


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Play benefits kids on the playground, in the classroom, and in life. The Atlantic may have said it best this year in the article Learning through Play: Education does not Stop when Recess Begins.

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