Ms. Burnett-Herndon | Playworks

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Ms. Burnett-Herndon

Chittick Elementary

Michelle Burnett-Herndon is the captain of the ship at the James J. Chittick Elementary School.  She does an amazing job every single day of setting the tone with the children and teachers creating a warm, welcoming community that encourages everyone to feel comfortable learning and trying new things.  Ms. Burnett greets each student by name and with a huge smile and a hug as they come into the building every morning.  She comes out at recess for a couple of rounds of four square and regularly attends league games to cheer on her students.

A model of leadership, she led our healthy community by example, running the Playworks Run for Recess with her daughter. She led the whole school in a fundraising effort to bring Playworks to the Chittick for the first time during the 2012-2013 school year, unifying everyone with a common goal and creating ownership of the program even before we arrived.