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Lucia Raz


It is not often that you will visit Emerson Elementary in Phoenix, Arizona during recess and find Principal Raz tucked away in her office – instead you can find her out running on the soccer fields or jumping into a game of foursquare with her students. Principal Raz isn't afraid to let loose around the students and serves as a prime example of what it takes to create a healthy community. Her dedication to bettering her school community is displayed across the entire campus – ensuring that her staff is actively participating in and committed to the program in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for her students every day.

“My goal is to know each child for who they are and their unique needs in order to support them in finding their successes, academically and socially,” remarks Principal Raz. “Children are our future, and I would like to be able to say I had a positive impact on our future.”

And it’s that philosophy that inspired Playworks to present Principal Raz with our 2015 Most Valuable Principal Award. This award is presented each year to a principal at a partner school who goes above and beyond to make sure his or her school allows time and space for play.

“Playworks engages every child in school community building,” says Principal Raz. And we say, we couldn’t do it without her.